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City of Argonia

(620) 435-6553 (City Clerk)

(620) 435-6417 (City Treasurer)

(620) 435-6442 (Maintenance Crew)

Read Code Ordinances and Zone Regulations

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The City of Argonia in Argonia, Kansas has a governing body consisting of one mayor and five council members. Council meetings are conducted every first Monday of every month at 7:00 PM. If you would like to speak to the governing body during the open forum section of the meeting, you may contact the city clerk every Friday at noon before the Monday meeting.


Rick Dolley - 435-6491

City Council Members

Scott Jones - 435-6410

Don Phillips - 435-6846

Bob Randall - 435-6543

Felisha Noland

Terina McCurley - 435-6955

City Employees

Tara Pierce - City Clerk

Karyn Taton - City Treasurer

Robert Dolley - City Superintendent

Paul Conklin - Fire Chief

City Council Minutes

THIS SECTION IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Check back for updated and current policies.

Code Ordinances

Updated Ordinances

Ordinance 567 – Court Costs

Ordinance 568 – Dog and Cats

Ordinance 571 – Property Inspections

Ordinance 575 – CMB Special Events

Ordinance 579 CMB Beer Sales 6%

Ordinance 581  – Uniform Public Offense Code

Ordinance 582 – Standard Traffic 

Ordinance 583 - Gas Transmission and Distribution

Dogs and Cats
  • All dogs and cats within the corporate city limits shall be licensed.
  • Owners need to present a proper rabies certificate showing his or her pet’s current vaccination before a license will be issued.
  • If you own more than two (2) dogs there is an extra fee of $25 per dog up to four (4) dogs.
  • It is unlawful for the owner of any dog to permit it to run at large within the city.
  • If your dog has gone missing, please call the City offices to report it.
  • If dogs without city tags are captured, they will be transported to Wellington Animal Clinic.
  • Pitbulls or mixed dog breeds are not allowed within city limits.


Any weeds and grass shall be presumed to be blighted if they exceed 12 inches in height. Properties in violation are subject to be mowed by the city at a cost of $100 per mowing.

A complete list of ordinances is here online and at the Dixon Township Library.

Burn Permit

A Burn Permit must be submitted before any resident or visitor can burn anything within the city limits. The form is available at the Fire Department or the City of Argonia building. You may also download the permit here.

Zoning Regulations

The City Council has adopted new Zoning Regulations as of 2011. A building permit is required for construction of new buildings, additions to existing buildings, and fences. Forms and permits will be uploaded on this website.

If you have any question about the zoning, please contact the Zoning administrator Tara Pierce.

Always contact Kansas One-Call before you dig!

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