City Of Argonia - This will be where we put our catchy slogan from Strategic Plan
Health Care
Argonia Clinic
102 N. Main Street
Argonia, Ks  67004
Harold Small, D.D.S.
(620) 435-6397
Emergency Services
our service is a First Responder, we are covered Norwich EMS. For information on volunteering please contact:
122 N. Main
Argonia, KS 67004
Chrissy Bartel
Director, Norwich EMS
(316) 772-0494
Argonia has a volunteer fire if you are interested in joining please contact Paul at the number below.
Argonia Fire Department
Paul Conklin, Chief
122 N. Main
Argonia, KS 67004
Phone: 435-6464 (daytime)
Argonia Police
Post Office
111 S. Main Street
Argonia, KS 67004
(620) 435-6872

7:15-11:15am Monday-Friday
8:30-10:00am Saturday

Telephone & Internet
Gene Morris, President
104 N. Main Street                    211 W. Spring Street
P.O. Box 308                             P.O. Box 277
Haviland, KS 67059                  Conway Springs, KS 67031
(620) 862-5211                         (620) 456-2211
(620) 339-8052                         (620) 287-7905
8:00am-5:00pm M-F
Telephone and Internet Services
Conway Springs Star-Argonia Argosy
214 W. Spring Ave.
Conway Springs, KS  67031
(620) 456-2473
Published by Times-Sentinel Newspapers, L.L.C.
125 N. Main  PO Box 544
Cheney, Ks  67205
                                                                    (316) 540-0500
Paul Rhodes                             
Editor & Publisher
Travis Mounts
Managing Editor 
Dalice Cline
Conway Springs Reporter 
Diane Neises Billing/Subscriptions
Adverting Sales
Contact Paul Rhodes or
Valorie Castor (316)540-3111

Dump Site

The dump site is located down by the River Park south of Argonia off Main Street.
It is used to dump clean yard debris. 
We have a key at the city offices that you can check out for a $5 fee.
Please call if you have any questions. 620-435-6553

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