City Of Argonia - This will be where we put our catchy slogan from Strategic Plan
The City is currently in the process of codifying all ordinances, this is going to be done through the League of Kansas Municipalities. Once the codification process is done the code book will be uploaded to the website.
Proposed Ordinances:
Proposed Resolutions:
Dogs & Cats          Ordinance 560
All dogs and cats within the corporate city limits shall be licensed.  Owners will present a proper rabies certificate showing current vaccination before license will be issued.  If you own more than two (2) dogs there is an extra fee of $25 per dog up to four (4) dogs.  It is unlawful for the owner of any dog to permit it to run at large within the city. If you dog has gone missing please call the City offices to report it, or if we have found a dog it will be posted at this location on the website as a flyer. All captured dogs if they do not have their city tag on will be transported to Wellington Animal Clinic located on highway 81.
Mowing        Ordinance 413
Grass and weeds on or about residential property which, because of its height, has a blightful influence on the neighborhood are not permitted.  Any such weeds and grass shall be presumed to be blighted if they exceed 12 inches in height.  Properties in violation are subject to be mowed by the City at a cost of $100 per mowing.
Ord. 464 & 518  Open Burning
Full list of ordinances available at the City Building and Dixon Township Library.
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