City Of Argonia - This will be where we put our catchy slogan from Strategic Plan

Please join us at our next event!  Contact us if you have an event that you'd like to share.

Check out the Vacation Bible School event after Argonia Daze!!!
ARGONIA DAZE, Rodeo and Garage Sales
Rodeo:            May, 19th & 20th 2017
Argonia Daze: May, 20th 2017
Garage Sales: May, 20th 2017

Argonia Daze2017

Argonia Daze is just around the corner and what a better way to kick off the summer and end of school than with a good time with family and friends.  

Stay tuned.......

Other activities throughout town:

City wide garage sales- Happening all over town

Rodeo- At the Rodeo grounds Friday and Saturday starting at 8p.m. $5 admission sponsored by the Plains Church.

Lots of planning is in process.  If you would like to volunteer to help out, please contact, Mindy Mages at 620-435-6553, or e-mail at


On behalf of all the Churchs in Argonia, Vacation Bible school will be coming again this Summer!! We will need your help with supplies that can be purchased and donated or if you have items and would be willing to let the Church borrow them it would be greatly appreciated. More information will be coming on the dates VBS will happen.
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